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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between HDPE and PETE?

The most noticeable difference between the two types of plastics is their appearance. In its natural state, HDPE is opaque and PETE is transparent.

If PETE is clear, can the bottles be produced in colors?

Yes, we currently have white, black, red and orange available. If a special color is required, send us a sample and we'll have our material supplier match it.

What colors are available in HDPE?

There are also industry standards for most basic colors, such as, white, black, red, orange and blue. If a specialty color is required, then a custom coloring agent would be blended to match your sample.

Can the bottles be labeled?

We have both pressure sensitive and hot melt transfer rotary labelers, as well as heat shrink sleeve label technologies. We can also help to get your label graphics designed and printed.

What if I want to have a proprietary bottle made in either HDPE or PETE?

Bring your concept to us and we'll help make it a reality. We could help with every step in the development process from bottle geometry to label graphics.

Are there price breaks or rebates available?

Bottle pricing can be adjusted depending on volume demand. The higher the annual amount of bottles that are purchased, the greater the discount.

Can you deliver the bottles?

We do have our own truck fleet and can arrange to have the bottles delivered almost anywhere.

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